Piaggio to Equip Vespa 150 Models With Fuel-Injected Engines


Piaggio will equip its 2011 Vespa S 150, LX 150 and LXV 150 models with new fuel-injected motors that are reported to consume 15 percent less fuel than the previous generation motor.

What does that translate to in on-the-road riding? The Italian manufacturer says the engines will get about 85 mpg while providing stronger, smoother acceleration in traffic at speeds of up to 60 mph.

The company says the new motors are an addition to its lineup of energy-conscious vehicles and a boon to riders who are "devoted to reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions and congestion."

"Vespas are one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to contribute toward a cleaner, greener transportation landscape, and our new fuel-injected 150cc engine range makes it even simpler,” says Paolo Timoni, CEO of Piaggio USA, in a release about the new motor. “Mid-scooters like the Vespa S 150 i.e., LX 150 i.e. and LXV 150 i.e. are tailor-made for confident urban commuting, and a 15 percent increase in fuel-efficiency is yet another great reason to add a scooter to your garage this Spring.”

The msrp for the Vespa 150 models starts at $4,399. Click www.vespausa.com for more info.

posted by Dennis Johnson