In the PIPEline: New performance exhausts for every vehicle segment

Publish Date: 
Feb 20, 2013
By Dennis Johnson

ON THE LIST of changes an enthusiast plans for a new ride, swapping out the exhaust is near the top.

From slip-on mufflers to whole exhaust systems to specialized head pipes, the aftermarket is chock full of companies building products that help riders improve performance, tweak aesthetics or — this might not be a good thing — enhance the sound of their machine.

Now seems to be a big time for exhaust manufacturers as new products for vehicles in every segment — from scooters to baggers to side-by-sides — are hitting the market and headed to your showroom or favorite distributor.

Of course, it’s not possible to talk exhaust without mentioning some of the legislation enacted to try and curb emissions and noise problems, especially a new law in California. SB435 is the Golden State’s motorcycle anti-tampering act that gives police the authority to ticket motorcyclists with noncompliant systems. The law applies only to bikes and exhausts model year 2013 and newer.

Some in the aftermarket expect the law to put a huge dent in California’s exhaust sales, which have already suffered because of other regulations. Conventional wisdom holds that as California goes, so goes the rest of the country, but it remains to be seen if other states will copy the law, or borrow from it for their own legislation. In the meantime, it’s best to be fully aware of any state or local legislation that might affect your aftermarket exhaust sales.

Here is a sample of the systems introduced in the last few weeks.


Pro Circuit All-in-1 T5
Single Exhaust System

The All-in-1 T5 single exhaust from Pro Circuit is designed for durability, and built from stainless-steel and aluminum. The system allows riders and racers from multiple riding disciplines, racing classes and countries to access a cost-effective alternative to a dual-exhaust system, the company says. It’s reportedly built to meet racing sound regulations for AMA professional racing, AMA amateur racing and FIM professional racing. The system comes with a removable USFS-approved spark arrestor, a race tip for closed-course racing and an additional silencer packing kit.

Arrow Off-road V2
Arrow’s new range of exhausts, the Off-Road V2 line, is dedicated to dirtbikes. The systems are based on the off-road thunder system, and are available in aluminum only and as slip-ons. The range is reportedly easier to maintain due to the stainless-steel torx screws that hold the silence body and cap together. The system is said to meet international noise regulations, and features a carbon fiber endcap and a new Arrow logo. (Continued)