Polaris 2013 snowmobiles include return of Indy line

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Mar 7, 2012

After unveiling the 800 Pro-RMK 155 last month, Polaris yesterday announced its entire snowmobile lineup for 2013, including the return of the iconic Indy model line and several revised model lines.

Polaris’ 2013 sled lineup offers a total of 27 models. In addition, customers can customize their new snowmobiles with exclusive features, colors and graphics through Polaris SnowCheck Select. On eligible models, SnowCheck Select provides options on equipment and accessories. The order period for SnowCheck Select runs through April 23. More details are available at www.terraindomination.com.

Indy model line (600 Indy and 600 Indy SP): Polaris claims that the Indy name has graced more snowmobile hoods than any other, and that the company’s Independent Front Suspension (IFS) drove Indy’s popularity with riders for decades. “The newest Indy continues that smooth-riding legacy, with the industry’s most-advanced IFS, the proven Pro-Ride chassis, which is 300 percent stiffer to deliver precise handling, and Indy Coupled Rear Suspension, with a skid design that manages impact energy. Enhanced premium features, such as Fox shocks and Pro-Steer skis, are available on the Indy 600 SP,” Polaris states.

Rush model line (600 Rush, 800 Rush, 600 Rush Pro-R, 800 Rush Pro-R, 120 Pro-R): Five 2013 Rush models — including one designed for youth riders — continue to offer the Pro-Ride chassis that reportedly places riders in the optimal position for balancing the sled, as well as the Pro-Ride progressive-rate rear suspension, the industry’s first truly progressive-rate rear suspension. New this year, Rush models are outfitted with Pro-Steer Ski to reduce steering effort, a one-piece handlebar for improved comfort and control, and a wider seat to make the transition between seated and standing riding positions easier.

RMK model line (600 RMK 155, 800 RMK 155, 600 Pro-RMK 155, 800 Pro-RMK 163/155, 600 RMK 144): The latest RMK mountain sleds are led by the 800 Pro-RMK 155, an “ultra-lightweight” sled with a 800 Cleanfire engine producing “an incredible weight-to-power ratio to dominate the deepest snow.” The Pro-RMK front end uses bonded lower control arms with forged aluminum ends and steel tubing to reduce weight while enhancing strength. The new QuickDrive Low Inertia Drive System integrates the drive and brake components in an efficient design that eliminates the need for oil or a tensioner system. Also new for this year is the PowderTrac Running Boards, marked by over 50 percent open area to reduce weight and optimize snow evacuation.

Switchback model line (600 Switchback, 800 Switchback, 600 Switchback Pro-R, 800 Switchback Pro-R): Switchback models are intended for riding on or off the trail. The Switchback’s ability to transfer weight — via its Pro-Ride 136-inch Progressive-Rate Rear Suspension and rider active control, which senses shifts in the rider’s weight and responds with more or less cornering power — keeps the rider in control. New this year, the Switchback offers Pro-Steer Ski, which reduces both steering effort and slipping when a rider attacks deep snow.

Switchback Adventure: Last year, Polaris unveiled the 600 Switchback Adventure. The 2013 edition again features Pro-Ride 136-inch Progressive-Rate Rear Suspension. There are several accessories on the 600 Switchback Adventure: the adventure cargo system, which relies on Lock & Ride saddlebags to provide expansive cargo area; a tall windshield for added protection; electric start; and 12v outlets for accessories like GPS.

Shift model line (550 IQ Shift, 550 IQ Shift 136/550 [Canada only], 550 Shift 136 ES [Canada only]): Polaris’ affordably priced Shift models are powered by the Polaris 550 engine, a lightweight, two-stroke engine outfit with NiCaSil-lined cylinders for reliability. Shift sleds also can be customized to the handling preferences of each rider. Their IQ Front Suspension is complemented with adjustable RydeFX MPV shocks. Available in Canada, the 550 Shift 136 ES adds utility-oriented standard features such as electric start, a rear cargo rack and hitch.

Assault model line (800 Switchback Assault, 800 RMK Assault, 800 Switchback Assault 144, 800 RMK Assault 155): For the first time ever in a production sled, carbon fiber overstructure comes standard on the 800 RMK Assault, minimizing weight without sacrificing strength. Combined with this are new PowderTrac Running Boards. The 800 Switchback Assault is equipped with the Pro-Steer Ski to reduce steering effort and prevent slipping. It also has the Switchback 144-inch Uncouple Skid with Tipped Rails to maximize traction.

IQ LXT model line (Turbo IQ LXT, 550 IQ LXT, 600 IQ LXT): The IQ LXT line is for customers riding solo or two-up. The line provides electric start, electric reverse and tall windshield, all standard. The Turbo IQ LXT and 600 IQ LXT also have the new Lock & Ride adjustable, padded backrest. The two-up seat can be converted into covered storage, with the backrest moving up for driver use. These sleds are outfitted with IQ suspension on the front and rear and either a 750 Turbo 4-Stroke or 600 Cleanfire engine.

Widetrak model line (FS Widetrak IQ and 600 Widetrak IQ): The Widetrak IQ models use their 20-inch-wide, 156-inch-long track for flotation. Powered by either the 750 4-Stroke or the 600 Cleanfire engine, these sleds can handle aggressive towing and hauling tasks and, with a 14.3-gallon fuel tank, have the range for tackling jobs. Polaris says that unlike most work snowmobiles, Widetrak IQ models offer power with great rider comfort, featuring tall windshields, Lock & Ride backrest and more.

Pure Polaris products and accessories: With 175 new apparel and accessory items this year, Pure Polaris offers five collections. The FXR Mountain Collection and Pure-Dry Collection are geared toward high-performance riders who enjoy mild temperatures, while the FXR Trail Collection, Pure-Heat and Pure Polaris Collection are intended to keep riders warm in the coldest conditions.

New this year from Pure Polaris is the Burandt Collection, accessories developed with legendary backcountry freerider Chris Burandt. The collection includes HD PowderTrack Boards, a Signature Windshield, stylish sled wraps, and more. New for 2013, Polaris delivers more accessories with Polaris-exclusive Lock & Ride Technology, including a Burandt Lock & Ride Tunnel Bag and Lock & Ride handguard mounts.

Posted by Arlo Redwine

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