Polaris to Center Distribution Ops in Vermillion


Polaris Industries Inc. today announced it will add 128,000 square feet to its Vermillion parts, garments and accessories distribution center next spring and close a facility in Winnepeg, Canada.

Management says investment in the Vermillion facility, which will add 50 percent capacity to the existing 256,000 square foot facility, reflects Polaris' ongoing commitment to the segment, where Polaris' sales have doubled since entering in 1997. Location at the heart of the company's customer base and a good available labor pool influenced the decision.

The expanded Vermillion facility will take on the support role the Winnipeg, Manitoba PG&A distribution facility now serves. Polaris plans to close the Winnipeg warehouse in summer 2008. The company says it affects fewer than 20 full-time positions out of Polaris' total workforce of approximately 3,500 employees. Sales/Marketing, Technical Service, Dealer Support and certain administrative functions for the Canadian market will remain in Winnipeg.

"The expansion of our Vermillion facility puts us in a solid position to improve our overall business results and continue the solid growth we?re achieving in the PG&A division," said Polaris CEO Tom Tiller. "Our intent is to build an efficient organization that can execute for our dealers and our customers."