Polaris Defense Introduces Militarized Ranger

Polaris Industries Inc. now is offering a militarized Ranger utility vehicle the company calls the MVRS800.

The company has delivered a military version of Polaris' "Hardest Working, Smoothest Riding" RANGER utility vehicle to the U.S. Army at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

The MVRS800, is the newest addition to the Polaris family of Ultra Light Tactical Vehicles produced for the military. It is powered by a 760cc, 40hp Patriot Engine that operates on JP8, the U.S. military's standard fuel. The engine was first introduced by Polaris earlier this year on the MV800 militarized ATV.

The unit features a rugged steel exoskeleton, high-capacity fuel tank, run flat tires and completely sealed power train which can ford up to 30 inches of water. For easy transport of soldiers or gear, the vehicle also has a front storage rack, multiple D-rings, weapons storage and a rear bed with fold down sides. The rear bed is adaptable to accessories such as litter racks and rear seating. Polaris also offers a gasoline powered version of this vehicle called the MVRS700.

"Polaris continues to assess the needs of the Armed Forces to provide them with vehicles that offer capability that can meet a wide variety of needs," said Mark McCormick, managing director, Polaris Defense.

Polaris Defense has been successfully providing a family of vehicles to the U.S. Armed Forces since 2001.