Polaris GEM 2014: 7hp motor, hard door option

Publish Date: 
Oct 8, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

MEDINA, Minn. – Polaris Industries has updated and provided additional options for the 2014 line of GEM vehicles. 

The lineup of transport (e2, e4 and e6) and light-utility (eS, eL and eL XD) vehicles are now powered by a 7.0hp motor. A new rear drum brake system improves braking performance.

The seating on the electric vehicles has been redesigned to provide better ergonomics. In addition, all six of the 2014 GEM vehicles come standard with scuff guards and charge cords.

GEM color choices and vehicle packages have been simplified based on the items most popular with customers.

One new option for 2014 models is hard doors for the two- and four-person vehicles. The doors have locks, sliding windows, functioning door handles and upgraded hinges and sealing.

Media images courtesy of Polaris Industries.