Polaris includes generators, adds Canada to Shopatron program

Publish Date: 
May 7, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Polaris Industries has added generators to its Shopatron ship-from-store system and expanded its retail-integrated e-commerce initiative into Canada, where the online store shares orders with more than 50 dealers.

Polaris made its first move to Shopatron in late 2012 with the PG&A catalogs for its snowmobiles, ATV, ORV, Victory, Indian and GEM electric car lines, comprising more than 5,000 products. By June 2013, Shopatron integrated its Order Exchange with the Polaris eCommerce site, a platform where Polaris shares online orders with more than 300 active fulfillment partners. The partnership has grown Polaris’ online sales 13 percent from the fist quarter of 2013 to the current quarter.

Polaris may eventually hand over more to its dealers, with the prospect of offering in-store pickup via Shopatron.

“Polaris customers increasingly research and comparison shop privately online,” said Libby Mura, e-commerce, marketing and sales director of Polaris’ parts, apparel and accessories division. “Our desire to thoroughly occupy the online space where more and more vehicle and accessorizing selection is happening sparked our interest in Shopatron, and through it, we have achieved a dealership buying experience that is a convenient, effortless transition from online.”

Shopatron offers cloud-based order management technology for Polaris, BRP, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Ducati.

“Our saturation in powersports and the automotive aftermarket signals the ubiquity of eCommerce,” said Shopatron Founder and CEO Ed Stevens. “We’re ushering in a new era where progressive order routing technology will give consumers the ability to shop online for any new vehicle, because with Shopatron, manufacturers don’t circumvent dealers.”

Total same store-sales revenue for powersports brands with Shopatron increased 23 percent year over year in the first quarter, a spokesman said. There are about 50 powersports brands deployed on Shopatron that partner with more than 2,000 powersports dealers on the Shopatron network to fulfill orders.  

“Shopatron powersports clients have proven to be market leaders, anticipating the industry shift toward consumer-brand relationships by investing in new sales channels that support evolving customer needs,” Stevens said. “These brands are certainly paving the way for the automotive industry, who we believe will leverage similar technologies to unite dealers and manufacturers online in the future.”

Posted by Holly Wagner