Polaris keeping eye on Tier 2, 3 suppliers

Polaris does not anticipate any major risk to Q1 and probably even Q2 inventory levels from the recent disasters that have up-ended the Japanese manufacturing and supply chain sectors.

The Minnesota-based OEM, however, is monitoring the ability of raw materials sourcers to get parts to Polaris and its suppliers, president and COO Bennett Morgan told Dealernews contributing editor Joe Delmont today.

"We have made contact with all key suppliers and are monitoring their production and shipments on a daily basis," Morgan said. "None of our suppliers [has] suffered catastrophic damage. So far, no major risks to Q1 ... and we have not uncovered anything yet that will hit us in Q2."

Morgan told Dealernews that Polaris is paying attention to Tier 2 and 3 suppliers "and their ability to get parts to our suppliers. The reality is this will likely take a few more weeks to get full visibility and [to] fully understand the risk and impact."

Availiability of parts, gear and accessories that are sourced from Japan is not a big concern at this time. "We are not expecting a big impact for PG&A other than some likely short-term increases in lead times from a few of our suppliers," Morgan said.