Polaris Launches Breeze 'Neighborhood Vehicle'

Publish Date: 
Jul 16, 2009

Polaris Industries Inc. today introduced a low emission electric powered vehicle called the Breeze, which is the first new product to be launched by the company's recently formed On-Road Vehicle Division.

The Breeze — more of a golf cart than a side-by-side utility vehicle — is designed for multiple consumer uses such as golfing, transporting up to four passengers, or carrying light cargo loads. Offering a "3-in-1" rear seat conversion, the unit (MSRP $7,499) can easily be converted in seconds for different uses.

Polaris suspects the market size for this type of product is about 35,000 units annually.

The vehicle, with its entirely electric operating system, is targeted for consumers making numerous short trips in planned communities, and will be available in limited quantities for test ride and purchase at Polaris dealerships in select markets starting in September 2009.

Polaris CEO Scott Wine says the Breeze represents the first of what is expected to be a series of ventures into the on-road vehicle category over the coming years, and says the OEM anticipates the low emission vehicle market to evolve into a growth business for Polaris.

"This is an attractive market expansion for Polaris, providing access to a new and growing customer base, and also providing the opportunity to participate in the growing demand for low emission vehicles in what we believe is an underserved and fragmented market with few purpose-built vehicles," Wine says.

"The other real key to understand about this product is that it's our first entry into this low emission category," says Mike Malone, CFO. "It's an electric vehicle, it has different technology than what we've had before, and we're excited about the opportunity to learn about the technology and learn about the market and see the opportunities in low emissions electric to go far beyond this one product." (Continued)