Polaris unveils Brutus commercial side-by-side lineup

Publish Date: 
Mar 6, 2013

MEDINA, Minn. - Polaris today unveiled Brutus, its first purpose-built commercial vehicle line. The company said the top-dollar Brutus is the first utility side-by-side to deliver a “power take-off” capability that draws engine power to front-end attachments.

The lineup is the result of Polaris’ new initiative to expand into the commercial vehicle market. Polaris said it engineered the three commercial-grade Brutus models specifically for “individuals and businesses that seek capable, durable task vehicles.”

Polaris’ commercial offerings also include models from the family of Ranger side-by-sides and Sportsman ATVs, as well as the GEM line of compact electric vehicles.

“The introduction of the Brutus product family is part of our commitment to offer the commercial customer innovative and relevant vehicles that best suit their needs,” said David Longren, Polaris vice president, Off-Road Vehicles and ORV Engineering. “Through our 60 years of engineering experience, strategic alliances with other industry leaders and our incredible network of dealers, we are able to provide the commercial market with the most productive, reliable and versatile vehicles.”

The Brutus product line is an outcome of the strategic alliance formed between Polaris and Bobcat in 2009. The co-developed vehicles leverage the strengths of both companies with Polaris’ expertise in utility vehicles and the powersports market, and Bobcat’s experience in work vehicle technology and attachments.

Manufactured at Polaris’ Spirit Lake, Iowa, facility, the Brutus models use technology found in the Polaris Ranger line and are comprised of the Brutus, Brutus HD and Brutus HDPTO. Retail prices start at $15,199, $17,999 and $23,999, respectively. All the models are powered by a 24-horsepower diesel engine with hydrostatic transmission. A treadle pedal allows travel in forward or reverse without shifting gears.

The vehicles provide 6 inches of suspension travel and feature Polaris’ On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive. (Continued.)