Polaris unveils nine new snowmobiles for 2012


Polaris has unveiled nine all-new snowmobiles for 2012 and has diversified its sled offerings with its Pro-Ride Chassis, which according to Polaris is the first true progressive-rate rear suspension in the snowmobiling space. The sleds were introduced during Polaris’ recent dealer meeting in Las Vegas.

“Polaris continues to deliver on our promise to develop products with industry-leading performance, quality, functionality, style and value,” Bennett Morgan, president and COO of Polaris Industries Inc., says in a press release. “We expect our new lineup of snowmobiles to build on our recent, strong performances across all market segments and continue to grow our company as a global powersports leader.”

In addition to a 2012 snowmobile line covering six market segments, Polaris also is presenting the opportunity to customize its snowmobiles through Polaris Snow Check Select. The program welcomes riders to specify the performance, comfort, convenience and graphics of their new sled, individualizing the ride for each customer. These options are only available through Snow Check, which ends April 19.

“With a strong focus on new technology, top engineering and quality, we have some of the most outstanding products available today and season-to-date the top four selling snowmobiles in the market are all Polaris,” says Scott Swenson, vice president of snowmobile and PG&A. “Our reputation is built on continuing to explore opportunities for innovation, and that’s something we continued in model year 2012, with nine new models and a brand-new snowmobile category.”

2012 model segments:

Crossover: The 2012 Crossover lineup features more than twice as many models as last year. Designed to handle any conditions, five new models provide a smoother ride and more predictable handling, Polaris says. A new independent front suspension (IFS) comes standard on many models. The all-new 600 Switchback Adventure introduces the world to the “adventure snowmobile.” It delivers performance through a 600 Cleanfire engine, the Pro-Ride platform and IFS, as well as convenience features, including the new Adventure Cargo System, a rear cargo rack with saddlebags that can be installed in seconds — without tools — using Polaris Lock & Ride technology. All 600 models are powered by the 600 Cleanfire engine, while all 800 Switchback models offer the 800 Cleanfire, including the 800 Switchback Assault.

Trail Performance: The 2012 collection of Rush and IQ sleds provide options that blend performance and value. The five 2012 RUSH models all ride on the Pro-Ride Chassis, which this year is complemented by IFS. Available exclusively through Snow Check, the new 800 Rush Pro-R LE has limited-edition special features. Four other Rush models blend the Pro-Ride platform with 600 and 800 Cleanfire engines. The turbo-charged 750cc Turbo IQ and value models like the 550 IQ and 600 IQ provides riders with choices in engines, shocks and suspension to cater to specific riding needs.

Deep Snow: Three new 600 RMK models, developed to minimize weight and maximize performance, boast the r600 Cleanfire engine and the durable, lightweight Pro-Ride RMK Chassis designed for deep snow. At just 431 lbs., the 600 Pro-RMK 155 embodies a lineup of sleds that are lighter and stronger, Polaris says. Complementing the 600 RMKs, four 800 RMK models sit on the same Pro-Ride RMK Chassis, powered by the 800 Cleanfire engine. The 800 RMK Assault 155 headlines the collection of 800s.

Trail Luxury: For a comfortable riding experience, Polaris offers comfort and convenience features, including electric start, protective tall windshields, mirrors and reverse, which come standard on all Trail Luxury models. The sleds are powered by a four-stroke, turbo-charged engine or the 600 Cleanfire. Additional features on the 600 LXT and Turbo LXT provide passenger comfort for two-up riders, including plush passenger seats equipped with adjustable backrest, footrest and hand warmers. Both models, along with the Turbo LX, use long-travel IQ 136-inch Comfort Rear Suspension.

Utility: These sleds — the FS IQ WideTrak, 600 IQ WideTrak and WideTrak LX (available in international markets) — have reliable, powerful engines, large-capacity fuel tanks and heavy-duty cargo racks. Equipped with wide ski stance, responsive handling from IQ Front Suspension and utility-tipped rear suspension, each sled is sure-footed in any terrain, Polaris says. With protective 20-inch-high windshields, adjustable passenger backrests and heated handgrips, these snowmobiles also deliver more comfort.

Youth: Polaris says it designed the 120 Pro-R with the needs of young riders, and concerns of parents, in mind. Highlighting the machine’s specialized safety equipment is a safety tether that attaches to a rider’s jacket and stops the engine immediately when unplugged. The model is equipped with a 120 four-stroke engine and true Independent Front Suspension for a smoother ride.

Pure Polaris products and accessories: The all-new Pure-Dry riding gear uses Cocona Xcelerator fabric technology, providing waterproofing while facilitating rapid evaporation of moisture from body heat. The gear includes the Pure-Dry Polaris Jacket, Bibs and Gloves. Ongoing partnerships with FXR, ToBe and Oakley strengthen the technology and look of Polaris jackets, bibs, pants and eyewear as well. For more comfortable rides, Polaris offers Wind Deflectors, Wide-Clyde Windshields and Side Deflectors, all geared toward redirecting wind and snow. Polaris claims the Wide-Clyde Windshield is nearly 50 percent wider than a standard windshield. For additional storage, all components of the new Lock & Ride Adventure Cargo System are available, providing riders with a cargo-carrying solution for any sled. New products for better sled protection, from skid plates to canvas covers, round out Polaris’ 2012 offerings.

For more information and detailed specs for all 2012 products, go to www.polarisindustries.com.

Posted by Arlo Redwine

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