Polaris upgrades 2015 ATVs, UTVs with Prostar engine range

Publish Date: 
Jul 29, 2014
By Bruce Steever

MEDINA, Minn.  – Polaris Industries’ engineers certainly have been busy. For 2015, the side-by-side and ATV product lines get a major boost in the form of the new Prostar range of high-output engines, each of which highlight all-new models and trim levels across the brand.

The new Prostar engine line is essentially a range of new high-output motors built for Polaris’ various four-wheeled products. But more than just a power boost, the new motors have been designed by Polaris to suit the unique demands of off-road use, with special attention paid to long-term reliability and servicing. Improvements touch upon nearly every major moving part, including cams, valves, connecting rods and crankshaft, as well as a new ride-by-wire throttle on the larger powerplants.

New intake systems and combustion chambers help maximize power and torque, and accessories such as power steering find their way onto more models. And thanks to the common engine architecture used across the brand, the new Prostar engines see use in a wide range of vehicles.

  • At the lightweight end of the spectrum is a 327cc DOHC four-valve single, the Prostar 32 (named after its peak rated horsepower), which powers the entry-level Rangers and the Sportsman ACE ATVs.
  • Next up is the Prostar 570, a 570cc thumper that can be found across the Polaris line. Packing 45 claimed hp, Polaris says the 570 produces twin-cylinder power levels with the fuel efficiency typical of smaller singles.
  • The first Prostar twins are the 850 and 1000 SOHC parallel twins built specifically for the Sportsman ATV line. Available in an 850cc and 952cc versions, these two motors use dual counterbalancers for smooth running, while the Prostar 1000 produces a hefty 88 hp in the Sportsman 1000.
  • Finally, the RZR lineup gets its own range of powerful DOHC four-valve twins, the Prostar 900 and 1000. Displacing 875cc and 999cc respectively, these two motors are built for maximum power and minimal weight, with the 1000 delivering a claimed 110 peak hp.

While the new Prostar engines are distributed across the Polaris lineup, adding power and torque across the range, individual models also boast a significant number of refinements. Highlights include the new RZR 900 XC Edition ($17,299), with improved seating, instruments, Fox Podium shocks, a new cast alloy wheel package featuring 27-inch GBC tires and a two-inch longer wheelbase and 55-inch track for added stability.

For utility buyers, the upgraded Ranger Crew 570 EPS ($12,499) features 10 percent more power, enhanced power accessory integration, Electronic Power Steering, increased suspension travel and improved cab comfort. Finally, on the ATV side, check out the new Sportsman ACE ($8,499), an ATV featuring a single rider cab that gives the ACE a mini-UTV look. Powered by a 45 hp Prostar engine, the Sportsman ACE gives the seating comfort and security of a side-by-side with the compact size of a 48-inch wide ATV chassis.