Policy group recommends standard driver's license for three-wheeled Elio

Publish Date: 
Nov 19, 2013

DETROIT, Mich. - The policy advising body AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicles Administration), is recommending the Elio be driven with a standard driver's license sans motorcycle endorsement, Elio Motors reported today.

Earlier this week, the AAMVA released a "Best Practices" policy on licensing and registration of three-wheel enclosed vehicles that are certified as motorcycles by the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). AAMVA is recommending that only a regular passenger car driver's license be required to operate a three-wheeled, fully enclosed vehicle with automotive controls like the Elio.  

The new policy suggests best practices jurisdictions may use to promote uniformity. 

Some of the remaining states with motorcycle endorsement issues were waiting for AAMVA's position before making changes, according to Elio.

The AAMVA also recommends a motorcycle plate be used on the back of the Elio, instead of the larger automobile plate, since the Elio will be registered as a motorcycle or an Autocycle.  Using the motorcycle plate would help drivers avoid problems with HOV lane enforcement and tolls, which have different requirements for motorcycles. 

Posted by Holly Wagner