PolicyDOG.com offers online motorcycle insurance purchasing

PolicyDOG.com, an online insurance agency website that lets consumers get instant quotes and buy insurance online, has expanded its offerings to include motorcycle insurance.

The service for quoting and buying motorcycle insurance online is offered to consumers in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The service is set to expand across the nation next year.

The PolicyDOG.com is owned and operated by PolicyDOG, LLC, a Florida-based company providing online insurance coverage for various forms of sport utility and recreational vehicles, as well as auto insurance and pet insurance. The online platform used by PolicyDOG.com was developed by the insurance technology company ClickAndBind, and designed to link online insurance shoppers with local insurance agents and insurance carriers.

PolicyDOG recently entered into a strategic partnership with the Allied Insurance Group — Nationwide companies, one of the largest insurance carriers in the United States—to offer powersports insurance online for consumers to buy in real time using an Internet browser.

"Many sites allow consumers to receive a quote for insurance once they fill out an application and an agent calls them or emails them back,” says COO Michael Mandrell. “This marks the first time anywhere that motorcycle owners in Florida can obtain real-time quotes for and buy Allied motorcycle insurance online instantly themselves."

Posted by Holly Wagner