Power In Numbers


If you think your store is too small to host a particular sales event, consider recruiting other businesses to help you out. That's what Pike's Peak Harley-Davidson did, and it garnered them the Best Event Merit Award during Friday night's Top 100 awards ceremony.

Pikes Peak owner Robert Brooks and staff gathered four different dealers inside two huge tents on its five acres in Colorado Springs, Colo., for what the store calls "the largest motorcycle sales event Colorado has ever held." For this "Making History Event," all promotional materials — radio, newspaper, Internet and direct mail — advertised the fact that more than $3 million worth of inventory would be up for sale. This included discounts on motorcycles, ATVs, P&A and merchandise. Customers also had a chance to win a $500 gift card by bringing in one of the promotion pieces.

The results? The dealers sold 16 new units and three used vehicles, which translates into $276,339.66 and $39,220, respectively. P&A sales totaled $67,910.88 and general merchandise sales came in at $43,405.72. Altogether the sale raked in nearly a half-million dollars. — Dennis Johnson