Powerlet jacket incorporates infra red technology


Powerlet’s RapidFIRe heated jacket liner incorporates far infra red (FIR) technology and is made for riding. “Our new RapidFIRe liner utilizes FIR technology to provide deep, soothing warmth,” says Powerlet’s Jeff Bottrell. “Unlike our competitors that only heat the surface of the skin with metallic wires, Powerlet’s exclusive Carbon Nano-Fiber Core heating elements provide safe, instant and penetrating heat to keep you warm in the harshest of conditions. With 105 watts of heat, this is the warmest liner on the market.” Far infrared light should not to be confused with ultraviolet waves or microwaves, the company warns. “FIR is at the far end spectrum from microwaves and completely safe,” Bottrell says. The jacket features fleece-lined heated collars and stretch panels in the sleeves and body. A built-in stuff sack stores the liner, controller and other Powerlet accessories. MSRP is $249.95.

Contact: Powerlet, 877-752-7835, www.powerlet.com