PowerSport Institute Student of the Month: Nathan Delmar

Publish Date: 
Nov 29, 2012

NORTH RANDALL, Ohio - Nathan Delmar has been named Student of the Month for October by Ohio Technical College's PowerSport Institute.

Delmar (shown at right) "exemplifies the ability to overcome and conquer obstacles and challenges though sheer determination," said Alex Rossborough at PSI.

"Before enrolling in PSI, people told him that he could not succeed due to some of the challenges he faces. Not to be deterred, this student knew what he wanted to do and enrolled in PSI so that he could do what he really wanted to do: work on powersport vehicles. I am happy to report those people are wrong and that this student has thrived here at PSI," Rossborough said.

Delmar was born with a vision impairment that defines him as legally blind.  He has ridden ATVs and dirt bikes since an early age, and decided to pursue studies at PSI while completing his senior year in high school. "A counselor that he was working with advised him that this probably would not be a good career choice for him, but his love of riding meant more than someone’s opinion," said Joe Distefano of Pro Riders Marketing, publicist for PSI.

"He had to work to get out of his comfort zone of living at home and having the support of his friends and family in Indiana.  It was a huge challenge to move to a new city, meet new friends and be welcomed into his new PSI family," Distefano reported. 

"I've had people tell me 'No' my entire life, and sometimes it's up to me to decide what's best for me. Everyone has weaknesses, and it's up to each person to push past them."

-- Nathan Delmar

?While attending PSI not only has he excelled as a student but has now received his driver’s license.  He reportedly will complete the motorcycle endorsement portion of his license after he graduates from PSI and returns home to Indiana.

“I’ve had people tell me 'No' my entire life and sometimes it’s up to me to decide what’s best for me," Delmar said.  "Everyone has weaknesses, and it’s up to each person to push past them. ” 

"Often we take it for granted how easy some things come to us," Rossborough continued. "This month's Student of the Month reminds us how sometimes what really matters is how much we want it and what we are willing to do for it. This student has faced several challenges throughout his life, yet you'd never know it because he puts forth an effort and enthusiasm that completely overshadow whatever those challenges might be.

"Always co-operative and facing each new task as a challenge that he knows he will accomplish, this student is well on his way of realizing his ambition of becoming a professional power sport technician. It has been great to watch him thrive here at PSI," Rossborough said.

Delmar has missed only two days since starting school more than a year ago and has achieved an overall GPA through five quarters of 93.8 percent, according to PSI. Comments from his record card include:

  • Great attitude
  • Makes a great attempt to learn, a bit slow but sure
  • Small mistake caught early
  • Very concerned to always learn
  • Tries hard to do his best
  • Very co-operative and makes time to ask good questions
  • Attitude and effort help him excel above better students

"It was our pleasure to be his instructor and we know he will find a place in our industry upon graduation," Rossborough said.

Posted by Mary Slepicka. Press image courtesy PSI.