Powersports Regulation Update

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KENTUCKY The Elkhorn City Council has legalized street use of ATVs during daylight hours.

UTAH The Driver License Division now requires motorcyclists to take tests to legally ride larger-displacement motorcycles and street-legal ATVs. Previously, one only had to take a test based on whether a bike was less than 90cc or more than 90cc. Upper divisions now include 249cc and 649cc motorcycles, and street-legal ATVs. So if a rider has a smaller bike and decides to use a friend's larger bike, he or she must first pass the specific test to legally ride that larger motorcycle.

WISCONSIN Adrenaline Powersports has moved into a vacant building in Muskego that was formerly occupied by G&G Powersports. Best wishes to owner Jean Ringer and her staff as they build a business selling and doing pre-delivery work on used snowmobiles, ATVs and PWC.