Privateer's Garage Offers Gearheads Self-Service


A handful of Southern California entrepreneurs are filling a self-service niche with their new DIY service shop, Privateer’s Garage in Carlsbad.

Co-founders Kyle Indermuehle, Josh Davis and Denise Tyson say the economy created a need for a place where gearheads could get access to expensive, specialized tools they need to make their own repairs and mods. The shop charges by the hour, half-day or day, and even offers military discounts (Carlsbad is near three major military installations).

The garage workshop offers space and advice to motorcycle owners, along with rollaways stuffed with motorcycle-specific gadgets. “Since we have so many people utilizing the tools, it’s easy for us to buy them and make them available,” Indermuehle told the Coast News.

Factory manuals for most models are available on site, and staff assistance can lend a hand as well. For confidence-building, the shop offers practice tires for those who want to try changing one before working on their own bike. The shop’s retail area stocks staples like tires and oil, and has a recycling area.

Privateer’s Garage also holds several clinics a month for gearheads-in-training, and hosts talks by experts.

Posted by Holly Wagner