Pro Moto Billet, Fastway shift to dealer-direct sales

Publish Date: 
Aug 8, 2012

NAMPA, Idaho - Pro Moto Billet Inc. announced that it has shifted away from distribution to a dealer-direct sales model.

"Effective immediately, the expanding Pro Moto Billet and Fastway Performance brands will no longer be available from distribution," the company stated.

According to its 2012 Dealernews Sourcebook listing, Pro Moto Billet had been distributed by Parts Unlimited, Southern Motorcycle Supply, Tucker Rocky and WPS.

"Pro Moto Billet was founded in 1997 as a dealer-direct company. After several years in distribution, the Nampa, Idaho-based company is returning back to its dealer direct roots. This will allow dealers greater access to and visibility of all PMB products, not just the items that were carried by distribution," the company announced.

"Access to the full Pro Moto Billet and Fastway Performance product lines will help dealers increase their sales and their profits," the company stated.l

Posted by Mary Slepicka