Pro-Tec replacement airbox lids help ATV engines breathe deeper

Publish Date: 
Nov 11, 2013
By Bruce Steever

MURRIETA, Calif. - Pro-Tec’s Moflow airbox lids for sport ATVs reportedly increase intake airflow and reduce intake air restriction.

Designed to replace the restrictive stock airbox lid, the Pro-Tec Moflow products are useful for modified ATVs that require additional intake airflow or for any sport ATV owner who just wants more horsepower.

The Moflow airbox works well when used in combination with an aftermarket exhaust system or any other upgrade that would benefit from improved intake airflow, the company noted.

The Moflow airbox is manufactured from aluminum for strength, laser cut for ease of fit and anodized black for style. The Pro-Tec Moflow airbox lids include a replaceable, water repellent filter element that will provide air filter protection from water and other debris while still providing maximum airflow, Pro-Tec said.

No tools are required for installation; simply remove the stock airbox lid and install the Pro-Tec Moflow airbox lid using the stock airbox cam locks.

All Pro-Tec Moflow airbox lids have a retail price of $85.95, and applications are available to fit most sport ATVs.