Like products? Like to travel? Motorcycle Shows hiring lead for Marketplace feature

Publish Date: 
May 2, 2013

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows is looking for a "Marketplace Lead," the senior product specialist for its popular Marketplace feature during the 2013-2014 nationwide tour.

The shows are owned and operated by Advanstar, parent of Dealernews.

The Marketplace hosts turnkey display kiosks for motorcycle aftermarket companies. "For motorcycle parts and accessories companies, The Marketplace provides a simple, cost-effective marketing program for product and apparel manufacturers that allow their brand to be introduced directly into the hands of motorcyclists with our kiosk displays. The shows build, transport, manage and represent all of the kiosks and brands for the whole tour," explains Kurt Whittington, production manager for the shows.

Wanted: Marketplace Lead. The Marketplace Lead is the head product specialist contracted by Advanstar. This person will not only rep The Marketplace products at each show, but manage the pre-tour buildout and post-tour dismantle and storage of the product kiosks.

For the pre-show tour, the Marketplace Lead:

  • Works in-house at Advanstar's display builder in Southern California;
  • Works in direct contact with Advanstar's production manager and client companies to create display kiosks that meet each client's needs;
  • Works with the display builder's design and fabrication teams on the construction of each display kiosk; and
  • Receives product shipments from the client companies for use on kiosks.

During the show tour, the Marketplace Lead:

  • Travels to and is present on the show floor at each stop, acting as lead product specialist;
  • Works with drivers and labor to manage setup and tear-down of The Marketplace at each show;
  • Works with client management and/or their onsite product specialists to understand their specific needs and goals for each show;
  • Coordinates with other Advanstar contracted product specialists to achieve the clients' show goals;
  • Manages clients' product literature, ensuring that proper amounts of literature are shipped to each show;
  • Works with Advanstar's production manager to design kiosk layout and the electrical grid for each show; and
  • Assists with overall show feature dismantle at each stop.

After the tour concludes, the Marketplace Lead coordinates return shipping of product, and receives and dismantles the kiosks and prepares them for storage.

Advanstar seeks candidates in the Southern California area with consumer-facing job experience within the powersports industry, a broad knowledge of motorcycles and aftermarket parts and functions, basic carpentry skills, solid SMS/text messaging skills, basic computer skills, and an enthusiastic and friendly personality, according to Whittington. The candidate chosen will be responsible for booking his or her own travel.

Those interested should contact Whittington at 310-857-7384 or via email at

Posted by Mary Slepicka