Progressive International Motorcycle Show's Drive2Dealer aims to help dealers, benefit customers


The Progressive International Motorcycle Show has a program designed to drive traffic into your dealership and offer a perk to your customers interested in attending the show.

The Drive2Dealer Discount Program was designed to support our dealer community by driving traffic to your dealership at no cost to you. This year we're offering our most generous discount coupons to you. Dealerships will be the only place to get box office discounts.

Hundreds of thousands of Progressive International Motorcycle Show fans will be looking for the best discount on show tickets. We'll have these qualified buyers knocking on your door as part of our national and regional web, print, email and radio promotional campaign generating well over 110 million impressions.

Every participating dealer will be offered as many discount coupons as he or she can hand out. Your dealership will receive a listing on our Dealer Locator Map and as a participating dealer and you'll receive four complimentary tickets to the show nearest you. Offer these enticing gifts to your VIP customers and/or employees at no cost to you.

This is your chance to tap into the $3.4 billion of buying power our show attendees have to spend on powersports in the upcoming year.  Reinventing itself for the 30th annual nationwide tour, the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows delivers more value than ever before.

We have several new features to thrill your customers, such as a star-studded stunt riding performance, the Ultimate Builders Custom Bike Show, an affiliate competition to the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, and demo ride opportunities for licensed riders to test ride new motorcycles.

This is the year to team up with the nation's largest powersports event and benefit from our most ambitious dealer promotion yet.

Or call 1-800-331-5706 to sign up or request more materials.

posted by Dennis Johnson