Progressive International Motorcycle Shows see increases across the board

Publish Date: 
Mar 16, 2011

The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows underwent tremendous changes for the 2010-2011 tour, which resulted in increased attendance in most cases, increased time spent on the show floor, and an increase in the dollar amount of purchases per attendee, among other positive results.

To recap, show features included:

  • The Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show, which is the largest touring custom motorcycle competition in North America,
  • Moto Flix, the show floor movie theater that screened moto-themed movies and acted as a hub for vehicles featured in the films,
  • The Jason Britton and Team No Limit stunt show, which drew all ages and types of riders,
  • Allstate DIY Garage, which featured interactive learning forums for attendees,
  • The Allstate Hub, where speakers addressed attendees on various topics,
  • The Marketplace, yet another station where attendees could learn about motorcycle products,
  • The Swag Wagon, which are mobile carts that peruse the show floor, handing out freebies and prizes to attendees,
  • Demo rides at various tour stops.

The addition of these, as well as other features, helped to bump up interest in the show, thus increasing attendance, time spent at the show, and even percentage of attendees who made a purchase while at the show.

For example, in 2009-2010, average tour-wide time spent on the show floor by attendees was 2.2 hours. For the 2010-2011 tour (not including Daytona, whose information was not available at press time), the average time spent on the show floor was 3.28 hours. The increase in time spent on the floor is no doubt related to the new show features. (See graphs and individual cities below for more statistical information.)