Progressive Suspension 944 smooths ride for Harley-Davidson baggers

Publish Date: 
Nov 16, 2012

Progressive Suspension 944 Series ShockLA PALMA, Ca. - Progressive Suspension's shock for Harley-Davidson's touring riders has been revamped to include the company's dynamically adjusted damping system, dubbed Frequency Sensing Technology, and renamed the 944 Series.

Progressive's engineering team says the FST works twofold to allow riders a comfortable and smooth ride over roadways scarred by weather cracks, expansion joints and other rough surfaces, and handle the big jobs like drainage dips, speed bumps, bottoming control and cornering stability.

The newly minted 944 Series retains its predecessor's combination of a progressive spring rate main spring and a flat wire compensator spring. This arrangement compresses under the weight of the bike, but extends when needed, to allow for full droop travel. The result is a bike with a 1 in. lowered height.

The new shocks feature an all aluminum body, deflective disc valving and the unique FST circuits. The 944 Series is preload adjustable and available in standard and heavy duty spring rate. The product is supported by a lifetime limited warranty.

Posted by Dennis Johnson