Progressive upgrades suspension on older Telelever BMWs

Publish Date: 
May 8, 2014
By Bruce Steever

LA PALMA, Calif. – Progressive Suspension has applied its expertise to older machines, including high-mileage bikes that can most benefit from suspension upgrades.

The new 435 shocks are developed specifically for BMW’s unique Telelever system found on its R-series boxers, starting with the original R1100 and R1150 models.

For customers with long-running R-GS and R-RT models, these updated shocks should greatly improve ride quality, stability and steering response. Progressive combines deflective disc damping with Viton seals and a hard anodized body wrapped with a progressive rate spring for consistent and leak-free performance with excellent bottoming control. The threaded body allows for fine-tuning to match riding styles as well as rider weight.

Both stock and lowered versions are available for most R-GS and R-RT models.