Progressive Will Insure Three-Wheeled Alternative Vehicles

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, OHIO — As gas prices rise above $4 a gallon, drivers are seeking more fuel-efficient ways to get around town. Some people are buying hybrids, some are opting for bicycles. Others are choosing a unique transportation option — alternative vehicles — and Progressive now offers coverage that will keep these motorists safe on the road.

Approved for on-road use, these three-wheeled compact vehicles range from high-performance machines like the sports car/motorcycle T-Rex to energy-efficient, electric transporters like the ZAP Xebra. Recognized as motorcycles in most states, Progressive will insure them with its motorcycle products.

"With more transportation options on the market than ever before, we want to give consumers all the tools they need to be protected," said Rick Stern, motorcycle product manager for Progressive. "We offer specialized coverages that allow alternative-vehicle owners to build the insurance package that best fits their needs, whether they're commuting or just out for a Sunday ride."

Progressive's alternative vehicle insurance is available in Illinois and Mississippi. It will continue to roll out in 18 more states by the end of 2008, pending regulatory approval.

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