Progressive's 428 Series offers performance for the value-minded

Publish Date: 
Dec 1, 2013
By Bruce Steever

LA PALMA, Calif. -- Many of us working class motojouralists are quite fond of middleweight sporty bikes like Kawasaki’s EX650 for the same reasons that all riders love them: they’re light, cheap to run and offer real sporting performance.

Unfortunately, those low price tags come at a cost, usually in the form of inexpensive yet rudimentary suspension parts.

Progressive can help with this problem with its new 428 Series monoshocks. Specifically designed for small-bore sportbikes, the 428 series aims to provide significant performance improvements over stock without breaking the bank.

Progressive’s suspension techs spent serious seat time on these motorcycles and found them to be tragically under-sprung and under-damped for even moderate sports riding.

The 428 shocks make use of proper spring rates and specifically-tuned gas-charged, disc-based damping to reduce oil foaming, then wrapped it all up in an aluminum body for reduced weight.

Each 428 also utilizes a threaded body for fine-tuning to match the rider’s style and weight. The result is a smoother ride, better handling and improved bottoming control, according to the company, all for the very reasonable starting price of $349.95.

Finally, the 428 series is available in a one-inch-lowered arrangement for the shorter of stature as well..