Puig offers new touring screen for BMW's popular F700GS

Publish Date: 
Dec 9, 2013
By Bruce Steever

As BMW has continued to diversify its F800 parallel twin lineup, each bike has gained a more specific use and fan base. The GT revision of the F800ST has made it into a more proper touring machine, and the new F700GS greatly improves upon the old 650, making it a more viable all-purpose streetbike when compared to the dirt-ready 800GS.

The aftermarket has responded with more specific parts for each machine, such as the new Puig F700GS windshield.

Designed to greatly expand the wind and weather protection over the stock screen, the Puig shield is over 8.5 inches higher than stock and comes in a clear or smoked gray.

The screens retail for $136.95 and are available from Puig USA, Hornig GmbH, Tucker Rocky and WPS.