PWC banned from Florida park boat ramp

Publish Date: 
Apr 6, 2012

A new park boat ramp in Palm Beach County, Fla., will exclude personal watercraft over noise and safety concerns, riling some enthusiasts.

The county banned PWC from the 100-acre Sunset Lake at South County Regional Park west of Boca Raton, though boats up to 21 feet long carrying fishermen or towing water skiers and tubers are welcome at the lake. PWC don't fit with the more "passive" park activities the county envisions after investing $900,000 in the new boat ramp, docks, parking and other waterfront improvements, Eric Call, county parks and recreation director, told the Palm Beach Sun-Sentinel.

The American Watercraft Association is calling for the ban to be overturned. The group contends that outlawing personal watercraft law violates the spirit of a state law aimed at limiting local rules that don't treat vessels equally.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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