Q1 2014 Dealer Sentiment Index: BRP dealer comments

Publish Date: 
Apr 21, 2014

The following comments were submitted by BRP franchised dealerships in the Q1 2014 Dealer Sentiment Index research study, produced by Baird Research and Dealernews.

  • ATV spring promos should start in January. Sled sales were impacted by no available stock.
  • Snowmobile sales were down this year because we ran out the first week in February. Last year we had to dump 50 percent of our inventory in February and March at below-cost prices.
  • Ski-Doo is on top of their game at this moment.
  • Well, if you can get a Spark, then you probably will sell the thing and make $50, unless you are able to get freight and setup on top of the MSRP. Nothing else seems to be moving yet, besides these "cheap" models.
  • BRP’s new ordering methods do not take into consideration short-term market conditions/fluctuations and local dealer inventory levels. All orders are now based on an arbitrary goal based on market conditions of several years ago. To qualify for extended terms, all your minimum line requirements have to be met, even when a model is illegal to ride in your market.
  • ATVs and sleds are good. SxSs are a bad issue, due to local laws preventing them from being able to be registered in our area. BRP doesn’t seem to realize that the SxS market is bad here, and it continues to push product.
  • BRP insisted that our dealership order 11 [Spark] watercraft. The margin is only $100-$300/unit. The advertising kit that dealers are required to buy is $3,000. The parts dealers are required to buy $2,500 for the Spark. We are all losing money, even if we sell the machines at full retail – and when does that happen in the real world?
  • I could use more, but I like the inventory being tight.