Q1 2014 Dealer Sentiment Index: Harley-Davidson dealer comments

Publish Date: 
Apr 21, 2014

The following comments were submitted by Harley-Davidson franchised dealerships in the Q1 2014 Dealer Sentiment Index research study, produced by Baird Research and Dealernews.

  • We have had solid floor traffic for bike sales due to strong demand for Project Rushmore touring bikes. This has enabled us to stay even with last year’s sales numbers, in spite of the extremely severe winter weather our region has experienced thus far.
  • The Motor Co. is still very out of touch with the market and dealers. Discounting is rampant, and the manufacturer is getting too involved in the sales process.
  • Our used bike inventory was higher than normal entering the winter due to the large number of trade-ins on new Project Rushmore bikes last fall; but our used bike sales have been very good YTD and we are beginning to see our current used bike inventory returning to the appropriate level.
  • We have a lot of new bikes with a very late spring, and floor-planning charges starting…an unhealthy financial situation.