Q1 2014 Dealer Sentiment Index: Honda dealer comments

Publish Date: 
Apr 21, 2014

The following comments were submitted by Honda franchised dealerships in the Q1 2014 Dealer Sentiment Index research study, produced by Baird Research and Dealernews.

  • The new Pioneer is in high demand, but Honda just doesn’t have it together getting these new exciting products to the dealers. Same with the Grom. New motorcycle and scooter offerings are giving Honda dealers/fans some new adrenaline.
  • Honda has a new product that may appeal to new or re-entry buyers, but the weather has kept floor traffic at a standstill.
  • Hopeful to have better spring weather this year, tied with new Honda product and current momentum.
  • Honda seemed to get a breath of fresh air from the very well-received release of the new Rancher and Pioneer. Rancher numbers on production are good, but the Pioneer is still way too low.
  • I have backed off on orders of new units over the past year to see what Honda is doing. For example, I did not order any CBR250Rs because they were bringing out a CBR300R. I did not want more dead wood on my floor.
  • Honda inventory is easy: sportbike (high), cruisers (very high), SxS (very low), ATVs (just right), dirtbikes-youth (high), dirtbikes-adult (low)
  • As of April, new rebate programs should help us move noncurrent slow movers. Time will tell.
  • Pioneers are still in high demand, but supply is very limited.