Q1 2014 Dealer Sentiment Index: Yamaha dealer comments

Publish Date: 
Apr 21, 2014

The following comments were submitted by Yamaha franchised dealerships in the Q1 2014 Dealer Sentiment Index research study, produced by Baird Research and Dealernews.

  • The FZ09 and the Bolt have sent some people in the showrooms. About time.
  • The new FZ09 and the Bolt are getting attention. We need new Star cruisers to help regain strength in the market.
  • Dealers asked for a side-by-side that could compete with the Polaris RZR, and we were given the Viking. A three-person side-by-side? Who needs that? Yamaha says farmers, but the farmers want to be able to ride the trails and [they] need to get into narrow trails. 
  • My showroom is filled with two- and three-year-old Star motorcycles, but no one is asking for them specifically.
  • It was great getting the [2014 Bolt and FZ09] in dealers early, but supply was limited. By the time supply caught up, the demand had died down.
  • Overall, the Yamaha lineup has a great reputation, and the new Yamaha models are doing okay. We do need a freshening on a few of their halo models, like the R6 and R1.
  • Yamaha has some great models, but they are overpriced compared to the competition, and programs are horrible.
  • On the right track with tier 5 financing.
  • Zuma 50s are selling off, but there is no money in them.
  • Yamaha is still sitting on 2012 Star inventory. We are caught in the loop, where old product is discounted with factory incentives and the new product is overpriced, because there are no programs. We need to sell through on current inventory and start fresh without noncurrent. Will this day ever come?
  • We have high carryover of scooters. Didn’t sell even one in 2013, but I sold 20 KYMCO scooters.
  • Too many noncurrents. Lack of new, affordable, exciting product.
  • Big bore bikes are not selling!