QuadBoss unveils ATV and Ranger storage, promotes Flat-Free Guarantee

Publish Date: 
Jul 22, 2013
By Arlo Redwine

FRISCO, Texas - QuadBoss unveiled five new storage containers and several other new products at the Tucker Rocky Dealer Show here this past weekend.

First off, the 14-year-old brand reintroduced its Flat-Free Guarantee program to complement the tire sealant it has sold for about a dozen years. Several dealers have been offering the program, but QuadBoss is just now promoting it again.

James Kramer, QuadBoss brand manager, explained: “The dealer sells the package to the customer, the dealer installs the tire sealant to make sure that the right amount is put in each tire, and then QuadBoss guarantees that the consumer will not have a flat on that ATV due to punctures up to a half-inch in the tread or a quarter-inch in the sidewall. If they do have a flat because of that, QuadBoss pays to repair the tire.”

Dealers set their own price, and QuadBoss provides brochures and vehicle hangtags promoting the service.

“It’s a great tool for dealers because they can make additional margin by servicing the ATV,” Kramer said.

Dealers can also make money off the large number of new QuadBoss products. The five new storage containers are:

  • ATV Front Storage (part No. 15-7300);
  • ATV Rear Storage (part No. 15-7301);
  • ATV Rear Lounger (part No. 15-7302);
  • Ranger Cargo Box (part No. 15-7303); and
  • Ranger Bed Box (part No. 15-7304)

All are manufactured from “durable, rotomolded linear low-density polyethylene” in textured black. All the ATV containers feature a single-wall body that allows for more storage space, while a double-wall lid provides extra rigidity.

The ATV Front and Rear Storage containers have a weather-resistant closed-cell foam gasket. They also have two lockable latches (locks not included) and mount to the ATV racks (hardware included). Dimensions for the Front Storage are 30 inches wide, 9 inches high and 15.25 inches deep. Suggested retail is $159.99. Dimensions for the Rear Storage are 36.5 inches wide, 14 inches high and 18 inches deep. Suggested retail is $199.99.

“We did the styling the same on the front and the rear so that when you’ve got both pieces on the quad, it looks like it’s meant to be on there,” Kramer said.

The QuadBoss ATV Rear Lounger has a large storage area with two removable trays. It also has two isolated quick-access compartments; two lockable latches (looks not included); and a seat cushion, a back pad and arm pads for resting.

The Lounger mounts onto ATV racks (hardware included) and is not intended for passenger use while the vehicle is being operated. Dimensions are 36.5 inches wide, 17 inches high and 25.5 inches deep. Suggested retail is $299.99. (continued)