Race-Ready Bikes From Italy


TM Racing, the 30-year-old Italian manufacturer of hand-built MX bikes, has named Georgia-based Moto X Erotica as its new U.S. importer. Owned by David Evans, Moto X Erotica has been a TM dealer for many years. According to Evans, TM's most recent importer lost interest in the marque when it began to make better profits from high-margin Chinese imports.

TM offers a lineup of two-strokes in 85cc, 100cc, 125cc, 144cc, 250cc and 300cc displacements, with the 125, 250 and 300 versions being offered in enduro trim. TM's four-stroke line is even more extensive, with MX, enduro and supermoto versions of a 250, 450 and 530.

To help ensure parts availability, Moto X Erotica bought the complete parts inventory from the previous distributor, and has purchased several thousand dollars' worth of '07 parts directly from TM. Evans also claims to have a complete line of Italian- and U.S. -made TM race wear, casual wear and accessories.

Moto X Erotica will be targeting dealers involved in off-road competition. Evans himself competes in modern and vintage racing. Stop by Booth 8525 to meet him and see a 1978 TM-125 MX