Race Tech develops Gold Valve Fork Kit for KTM 65cc racer

Publish Date: 
Sep 29, 2013
By Bruce Steever

CORONA, Calif. - Racing is always serious business, no matter what the size of the bike, or the rider. To make sure that young racers have the highest chances of success, Race Tech has turned its attention to the KTM 65SX to create a new Gold Valve Fork Kit ($349.99) specifically designed to improve fork performance and eliminate issues caused by the stock damping components.

According to Race Tech, the stock 65SX forks allow the fork valves to extend completely out of the oil, which makes damping quite impossible during the top of the stroke. When the valves return to below the oil level, the initial shock of the damping returning is extremely harsh and causes additional oil mixing for reduced performance and fading throughout the forks’ motion.

Race Tech’s solution is a compact Gold Valve arrangement, similar to what's developed for larger machines, with a modern shim-stack design to provide significantly more refined damping with improved plushness and bottoming resistance. A new reservoir is also added that helps separate oil and air inside the fork for reduced mixing and more consistent damping throughout the entire race.

As with other Race Tech Gold Valves, the shim stack is completely adjustable for rider and track conditions.

Race Tech already offers a Gold Valve kit for the 65SX rear shock, as well as RT Hi-Performance Fork Springs and tools to upgrade and service the suspension on the KTM 65cc racer.