Race Tech to Show Gold Valve Fork Kits for Showa BPF


Race Tech’s latest Gold Valve Fork Kits are for the Showa BPF forks found on the ’09-’10 ZX-6R and the ’09 GSX-R1000. According to the company, the stock BPF design has an oversized but restrictive singular piston that must flow more than 10 times the fluid of a standard cartridge. This creates harshness and contributes to chatter during braking, the company says.

The kits have three claimed selling points:

  • The Gold Valve improves the flow characteristics dramatically.
  • The travel is increased, improving bump absorption (particularly under heavy braking) and increasing front-end trail, thereby improving stability and grip.
  • Because the stock bottom-out mechanism is short and abrupt, the kits make the bottoming process more gradual, further decreasing braking chatter and improving traction.

  • The kits, which retail for $299.99, come with valves, valving shims, shim charts, top-out and bottom-out systems, and detailed instructions. Valve settings are customizable. Race Tech also has on display this weekend two tools for the Showa BPF fork. The TFCW 4549 ($54.99 retail) is a 45 mm/49 mm fork cap wrench. The TFCH 06 ($49.99) is a cartridge tool to remove and replace the seal head.

    Another new tool from the company is a telescopic compression needle for KTM’s PDS shock which, according to Race Tech, is very simple but lacks gradual progressiveness. The stock compression needle comes into effect very close to the point the shock hits the bottom-out bumper. Race Tech says its design is much longer, gradually tapered and collapsible. This makes it dramatically more progressive and consistent, the company says.

    The needle retails for $119.99 and comes in three versions: SWCN 14 for most ’09-’10 models (SX/F, XC/F, EXC-R and SMR); the SWCN 11 for most ’05-’08 models, and SWCN 10 for most ’04-and-earlier models.

    Shock pin spanner tools are also available: TSPS T16530 for the 2008 shocks and TSPS T20 for the ’09-’10 models. Race Tech says the T-handle tools are easy to use with locator washers that align the tool while tightening or loosening the compression metering pin. They retail for $79.99.