Radical Powersports Joins the Motorcycle Industry Council

Todd Shafer, "Selling Online" columnist for Dealernews, gives his marketing firm a leg up by having it join the Motorcycle Industry Council. His company, Radical Powersports, provides consulting services to dealers who need help in the areas of e-commerce and Internet marketing.

"Being involved as deeply as I am in the worlds of motorcycles and the Internet, I've seen that there are tremendous opportunities for the motorcycle and powersports industries to take advantage of the ways that the Internet is changing how its customers purchase and perceive the products that fuel the industry," Shafer says.

He adds: "This goes from the top-level OEMs all the way down the supply chain to the retailers and dealerships. I've been involved in the Internet since its inception and have seen firsthand the remarkable impact that it's had on numerous industries. I've also been involved in the motorcycle/powersports industry for several years and have been amazed at how many unexplored opportunities for radical change there are in this industry. I saw joining the MIC and engaging its member base as a way to lead to more wholesale change in the industry that will ultimately have a dramatic, positive effect on the end customer's experience and therefore the industry as a whole.

"Joining the MIC and working as a thought-leader in the areas of e-commerce and related multichannel retailing operations, as well as Internet-related marketing and advertising, was an obvious step to take to help the industry that I'm so personally passionate about."

A regularly updated blog and newsletter is at Radical Powersports Web site. Dealers can also call Shafer at (916) 412-2200 or e-mail him at todd@radicalpowersports.com.