RayGun Seeks Independent Sales Reps


RayGun Technology is looking for independent sales representatives to sell its line of brake rotors and pads for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. According to Mike Vaughan, vice president of sales and marketing for RayGun, the company is switching its sales structure to one that is supported by a network of outside reps selling to motorcycle dealerships.

RayGun hopes to have as many as 600 dealerships — mostly Harley and independent shops — signed on by the end of 2010, according to Vaughan. “It’s been estimated that 21 percent of all Harleys will require new rotors and pads within a year, and with an estimated 3 million Harleys on the road that amounts to a large potential business,” he notes.

“We’re looking for sales reps to cover all of Texas and everything east of the Rockies, to the Atlantic Ocean, and from the Canadian border south to the Gulf states,” he adds.

RayGun rotors are warranted to last “as long as you own your motorcycle,” he says. “The warranty covers warpage, scratching, flaking and rusting of the rotor surface.”

The rotors are available in one- and two-piece (floating) configurations with a choice of hub colors — chrome, gold, light gold and, soon, black. The friction ring portion of the rotor is available in a satin finish, chrome, gold or light gold.

Anyone interested in taking on the RayGun line should contact Vaughan at 760-650-3700. (Vaughan is the former publisher and a current columnist of Dealernews.)

—Submitted by Mary Slepicka