Rekluse offering high-tech clutch packs for H-D models

Publish Date: 
Oct 19, 2013
By Bruce Steever

BOISE, Idaho - Rekluse, best known for its compact auto-clutch kits, has unveiled the EXP and TorqDrive clutch kits that take the company's proven racing auto-clutch technology to the V-twin market.

The Rekluse clutch kits are claimed to radically improve the motorcycle’s ease of use, eliminating stalling, improving low speed handling and increasing launch traction. And thanks to the adjustable nature of the Rekluse clutch design, the system can be tuned to deliver lighter clutch pull, increased torque capacity or a compromise between the two.

The TorqDrive clutch pack further distinguishes itself with its higher number of thin clutch plates, which immediately put more working area into the clutch system for better durability via lowered operating temperatures and reduced basket wear.

Pricing for the new H-D applications is pending.