Repair order helps rider overcome reckless driving conviction

Publish Date: 
Dec 9, 2010

While newshounds followed the case of Toyota’s mysterious sticky gas pedals, a Virginia Beach restaurateur was fighting a conviction on charges he was riding 130 mph on U.S. 58.

Last week, Frank Parker, 27, and his attorney, Bobby Howlett Jr., used a motorcycle shop repair order to persuade a Circuit Court judge to overturn Parker's convictions of reckless driving and eluding police, according to the <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" "="" target="_blank">Virginian-Pilot.

Parker says he bought his Yamaha about three months before the incident to save gas. That August night, he was taking a waitress home on the bike when the throttle got stuck.

"Basically, I'm just trying to maintain control of the motorcycle," Parker told the newspaper. "If you're not used to going that speed, it's scary."

He was finally able to stop the runaway bike by holding in the clutch, coasting to a stop and killing the engine. A state trooper in pursuit handcuffed Parker and the waitress.

He sold the bike for a $1,500 loss as soon as the ordeal was over.

"I don't think he's ever going to ride again," attorney Howlett says.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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