Repsol converts to all-orange packaging

Publish Date: 
Aug 8, 2012

Here's news that will brighten up your Parts department, literally. REPSOL announced in late July that it has redesigned the packaging for its entire product lineup, including aerosols.

The bottles and other packaging feature a new highly visible orange color, as well as a re-engineered sealing system at the caps to prevent leakage.

In addition to the color change, Repsol has switched to heavier plastic for its bottles. All one-liter bottles also have a new pop-up spout.

While orange has always been incorporated as a label and logo color for Repsol products, this is the first time it takes over as the signature packaging color. A company spokesperson said the change reflects the fact that orange "is the international color of Repsol" and is considered to be a more attractive color to influence consumer purchases.

The new packaging is a running change, meaning all part numbers will remain the same, according to the company.