Research firm shows uptick in big-ticket shopping


Consumers are starting to unleash some of the recession’s pent-up demand for big-ticket items, according to the monthly survey by consulting/research firm SAGE: Survival and Growth Enterprises.

The research shows the percentages of respondents who are "actively shopping" at the high end. Among the findings:

Eight percent of respondents say they're actively in the market for a new car, up from 6 percent in April and 5 percent in March. Another 9 percent are in the market for used cars, up from 8 percent last month and 7 percent in March. Other segments showing increased interest are color TVs and major appliances, up to 10 percent in May from 8 percent in March and in April. The housing market is still struggling, according to the survey. The stimulus credit pushed home shopping from 6 percent in March to 9 percent in April, but the proportion dropped to 5 percent in May, after the home buyer credit expired.

Posted by Holly Wagner