Residents oppose Minnesota county's ATV park plan

Publish Date: 
Jul 28, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - The Renville County Board wants to build a 270-acre ATV park with taxpayer money, and residents near the proposed site aren’t happy about it.

The ATV park would run along a Minnesota Scenic Byway and through the Minnesota River valley in Renville County's Sacred Heart Township, about two hours west of the Twin Cities. Families who’ve owned nearby land for more than a century don’t want the county to spend the money and don’t want the park near their homes.

"The ATV park will ruin wildlife habitat, wildlife grasslands, and fertile hunting grounds," resident Norm Westby told KSTP. Renville County's plan to ask for $500,000 from the Minnesota Legacy Fund, and another $800,000 in federal grants "just adds insult to injury," he said.

Westby said there are many other tracts of land within Renville County that would be better suited for an ATV park.

Renville County Board member Lamont Jacobson said the ATV park would be owned and operated by Renville County and would bring in tourism revenue.

The Renville County Board recently approved spending $130,000 to fund an engineering study of the proposed ATV park.