Restore that Kawasaki Z1 with Sudco’s old-school fender set

Publish Date: 
Jun 4, 2013
By Bruce Steever

COMPTON, Calif. -- While bike collectors will always do their part to keep the old legends alive and running, you have to be thankful that the café racer culture is growing with younger riders. With renewed interest in older bikes, there’s more reason than ever to build and release products to keep these classic heroes running and looking new.

Sudco offers a variety of OEM-style replacement parts that help riders to keep their bikes running long after the original warranty has expired. Its latest product is aimed straight at a slice of superbike history: the Kawasaki Z1. Sudco’s replacement fenders for the 1973-‘75 Z1 ($238 to $273 MSRP) offer bolt-on replacement and are just the tip of the iceberg, with seats, instrument panels, fuel tanks, and a wide variety of similar parts available as well.

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