Review: 2010 Kawasaki KLX110 and KLX110L

Publish Date: 
Nov 16, 2009
By Arlo Redwine

Kawasaki claims the 111cc four-stroke single puts out about 15 percent more torque and horsepower thanks to revised valve timing, a new free-flowing exhaust, a new ignition system and low-tension piston rings. The power is transferred to the rear wheel via a new transmission with four gears instead of three. An automatic clutch combines with improved shifting thanks to changes in the shift drum and springs.

The KLX110 retails for $2,099, which is $250 more than last year.

But the big news this year is that the bike comes in two versions. For just $150 more ($2,249), customers can have the KLX110L. They get two things for the extra money:

  • a manual clutch and
  • a seat height of 28.7 inches, almost 2 inches higher than the standard model. The KLX110L has a 2.4-inch-longer fork with 5.5 inches of wheel travel, plus a longer rear shock with 5.2 inches of travel. Kawasaki revised spring and damper settings accordingly.


So basically the KLX110L accomplishes much of what aftermarket kits once did: convert the bikes into something more easily ridden by adults. Plus, make them look cooler.

Not that dealers won’t want to stock accessories. Kawasaki itself continues to offer plenty, and a company rep told me that most of the aftermarket accessories for the KLX110 will continue to fit the 2010 models. In fact, he said that because Kawasaki’s 110 is the oldest bike in its class, it has the advantage of having the most aftermarket support.

Now dealers just need to decide on the best KLX110/KLX110L mix for their area. Hopefully Santa Claus will be buying a healthy amount of both.