REVIEW: 2013 TR650 Terra -- Husky's next big thing

Publish Date: 
Nov 9, 2012
By Dennis Johnson

(Photos by Scott Cox, Resmarket)
Husqvarna TR650 TerraCORONA, Calif. - One of the most obvious things about the 2013 Husqvarna TR650 Terra is it’s just ridiculously fun to ride. We’re talking smearing-ear-to-ear-grins-while-slicing-through-traffic-choked-city-streets kind of fun. Fun that’s felt across highways, mountain twisties and ribbons of dirt fire road.

It’s a dual-purpose bike with an extra dual purpose — to get you places, whether it’s work or fun, while letting you have a great time in the process. The journey is the destination is the journey. That’s pretty much what your enthusiast customers want out of a motorcycle, no?

Click here for a gallery of pics of the TR650 Terra.

A not so obvious thing is where the Terra (and its more street oriented brethren, the Strada) fits into Husqvarna’s North American product range, a lineup that mostly includes “weekend” bikes, motorcycles built for motocross and for hardcore off-road riding and racing.

Take the other dual-sport in Husky’s lineup — the TE range. As marketing manager Corey Eastman explains it, these bikes are really just dirtbikes with license plates, machines made to run almost full-time in the dirt. With the TR platform, Husqvarna is opting for a true 50/50 seven-day-a-week motorcycle. One that gets about a claimed 73 mpg (this is based on European standards where the bike's traveling at a constant 56 mph.)

Husqvarna TR650 TerraCustomers can ride the Terra to work five days a week, and then take it out on the weekend for some recreational riding, Eastman says. Or, they can do like we did on the recent press launch of the Terra, take it on a 100-mile loop along Southern California freeways, through city streets, over the nearby San Bernardino mountains and back through the Cajon Pass via fire road.

It did all of the above quite well (there’s that grin factor), and that was the point of the day. The Terra and the Strada are all part of the efforts to rebuild the Husqvarna brand here in the U.S., all under BMW’s stewardship. Click here for related article about Husqvarna's efforts.

The multi-pronged approach includes a strengthened dealer network, strong marketing, improved parts fulfillment and technologically advanced motorcycles that are accessible to more riders. All of which will help widen the appeal of Husqvarna, a storied brand if there ever was one. (continued)