Rev'It USA: Why Overland Expo appealed to us

Publish Date: 
Jul 22, 2014
By Bruce Steever

We also wanted to get feedback about Overland Expo from some of the brands involved. Tracy Motz, communications manager for Rev’It USA, answered some questions about Rev’It’s first year with Overland Expo:

Dealernews: As it was your first year, what were your initial impressions?

Tracy Motz: We don’t sell direct-to-consumer, so we went to Overland specifically to interact with the adventure audience. It was a larger crowd than we expected, and we were impressed with the breadth of engagement. The combination of demos, seminars, rides and other hands-on opportunities made for a high overall level of energy and enthusiasm. The consumers we spoke with were curious about the product and open to fairly technical conversations. We’ve already signed up for Overland Expo East this fall.

DN: What do you feel was the biggest draw for consumers and brands? Why were you there?

Motz: The Expo was a concentration of the adventure segment’s most passionate consumers. As a brand, that’s exactly with whom we’re looking to communicate. They’re generally the best-informed about the product, and they convey that knowledge and excitement to other riders. It’s a gathering of potential ambassadors.

DN: How does this fit in with Rev'It's big push on adventure gear over the last year?

Motz: Consumer education is a big part of our brand. We make a very technical product, and to fully appreciate it, you first have to fully understand it. We’ve come out with some real innovations in the past year, like the VCS Aquadefence with the FidLock magnetic fastener system on the Poseidon suit that allows direct ventilation into a Gore-Tex outer shell, and we’re using in-person events as a grassroots way of educating our consumers. The line is split into three general categories – urban, adventure, and sport – and we’re working on understanding what best resonates with top-tier consumers in each of these segments, as opposed to marketing to the masses.

DN: This coincides with your recent announcement on the relationship with RawHyde Adventures; did you cross-market with RawHyde at OX?

Motz: We did a cooling vest promotion with RawHyde at OXW where consumers were able to borrow a vest for the day during rides to the Grand Canyon and other location destinations. We’ll be working closely with RawHyde on events/promotions for the upcoming Overland Expo East as well.