Revive Your Ride: The Motorcycle Industry Council wants your opinion


Now that the MIC's Revive Your Ride! Sweepstakes is over and the 15 luck contestants have received their cash prizes totaling $25,000, the industry trade group wants your opinion and ideas about the contest.

Whether or not you participated in any of the contest aimed at boosting sales of powersports parts and accessories, the MIC wants to hear from you. Click on the following link to complete a short questionnaire to share your thoughts — Revive Your Ride Survey.

During the the first round of the sweepstakes, more than 4,000 customers visited 240 participating dealerships to pick up entry forms. The Revive Your Ride! Sweepstakes is funded by the MIC's Aftermarket members, and is specifically designed to help increase retail traffic to powersports retailers. Customize this program to make it work for you and your customers - the ones you already have and the ones you want to come in the door. Check out the free marketing materials and ideas at

posted by Dennis Johnson